The peach/almond hybrid rootstock turning grower's heads from Red Bluff to Tejon—achieving great yields in some of the most difficult conditions.

Sierra Gold introduced SG1® Titan as an advanced clonal selection of Titan peach/almond hybrid rootstock almost a decade ago. Now with SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND producing almond trees in the ground, SG1® Titan is the most widely adaptable peach/almond hybrid rootstock available today. Not only does it have the same vigor, salt tolerance, and nematode resistance growers expect from peach/almond hybrids, its excellent anchorage and high tolerance to asphyxia means SG1® Titan can be planted in more planting situations
than similar rootstocks, with greater confidence. When you add in best-in-class yield efficiency and boron resistance, you begin to wonder if there’s a situation it can’t handle!

With this wider range of tolerance to adverse conditions, SG1® Titan provides a greater level of insurance to growers in all situations than some other peach/almond hybrids like Hansen 536, as well as a better bottom line return!

As many growers may not know, Titan peach almond hybrid from seed has been the peach almond rootstock of choice in the wet, heavy soils of the Sacramento Valley for decades. It thrives when other hybrids, such as Hansen 536 and Viking, have suffered greatly. Now, with a superior clonal selection of Titan, our SG1® Titan, growers throughout all almond growing districts of California can have the benefit of this best-in-class hybrid rootstock with the certainty a clonally propagated rootstock provides.

From the heavy soils of the western side of the Sacramento Valley, all the way down to Kern County, through extreme drought, and then the
wettest winter and spring in memory, we can confidently say SG1® Titan is thriving in all situations!


YIELD EFFICIENCY: Most yield efficient peach-almond hybrid in many trials. More efficient than seedling, or plum, or other complex hybrids.

ALKALINITY TOLERANCE: Appears to be superior.

COMPATIBILILTY: Completely compatible with all commercial almonds and other stone fruit.

CROWN GALL: Is consistently and significantly lower on SG1® Titan than other hybrids like Hansen 536.

PHYTOPHTHORA TOLERANCE: Very good for a peach almond hybrid.

VIGOR: High, classic peach almond hybrid vigor similar to Hansen 536.

SALT TOLERANCE: Excellent, similar to other peach almond hybrids.

BORON TOLERANCE: Appears to be the best of all rootstocks.

NEMATODE RESISTANCE: Like Nemaguard, and other peach almond hybrids, resistant to root-knot nematode.

ANCHORAGE: Excellent. Superior to most rootstocks. Performed well in a variety of root strength trials.

"WET FEET" TOLERANCE:Superior to other peach almond hybrids, with field evidence & experimental data suggesting SG1® Titan survives asphyxiation as well as rootstocks with plum genetics.